California Podiatrist Hit with Ransomware, Corrupting 24,000 Patient Records

A ransomware attack on the Podiatric Offices of Bobby Yee corrupted and possibly altered the medical records of 24,000 patients, according to a recent notification.

Typically, ransomware merely encrypts the data on the infected computers, workstations or servers, along with any systems connected to the impacted device. However, this attack altered and potentially corrupted medical files – including patient data.

The affected data included patient names, Social Security numbers, health insurance policy details, medical records, dates of birth, phone numbers, gender, and addresses. Officials stressed that they found no evidence the data was exfiltrated or viewed.

“Once we became aware, we promptly took steps to protect your personal information and to determine the nature and scope of the issue,” officials said in a statement. “If there is indeed any alteration or corruption of your personal information, we may need to reconfirm or reconstruct the information, including your medical information.”

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