Patient Privacy / Security Greatest Healthcare Concern for Consumers, Especially Women

A recent survey conducted by health insurer Aetna explored consumers’ attitudes toward healthcare, their relationships with providers, and what they view as the most important aspects of healthcare.

The Health Ambitions Study was conducted on 1,000 consumers aged 18 and above, with a corresponding survey conducted on 400 physicians – 200 primary care doctors and 200 specialists, according to HIPAA Journal.

The consumer survey showed consumers are paying attention to their healthcare. Consumers were asked about their biggest concerns about healthcare, and while rising health care costs are an issue, the cost of healthcare was not the biggest concern for consumers. Patient privacy and data security were more important to consumers than the cost of healthcare.

80% rated patient privacy as very important, 76% of consumers rated data security as very important, and 73% rated the cost of health care as very important. Patient privacy was more important to women (84%) than men (71%). Women were also more concerned than men about data security (80%/66%).

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