Survey of Security Officers Predicts Increase in Data Breaches

According to a 2017 survey of Chief Information Security Officers, the outlook for security looks challenging. In fact, 65% say they have inadequate in-house expertise to manage security risks and 36% say they are not providing enough training to prevent negligent behaviors. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed predict their company will fall victim to a fishing scam and experience a significant disruption due to malware. More than half predict a data breach.

The survey questioned 612 Chief Information Security Officers and other information security professionals and was conducted by the Ponemon Institute, a pre-eminent research center dedicated to privacy, data protection and information security policy. Read the study in its entirety here.

What can you do to mitigate your risks -- especially if you represent a small practice? Medical professionals face very real challenges when it comes to HIPAA compliance. The expanding amount of patient health information stored and transmitted electronically (ePHI) leaves your practice vulnerable to major security breaches and regulatory actions. Lack of proper employee training due to high staff turnover, and laxity in maintaining updated HIPAA certifications is equally dangerous.

While implementing a compliance program may seem overwhelming, the fix can be simple. HIPAAcraticRX helps navigate the ambiguity of HIPAA with its 5-tier path to compliance. Each tier builds upon the one before it, to forge a solid foundation of trust and integrity. Take the stress out of HIPAA compliance by enlisting HIPAAcraticRx, as your ongoing partner in ePHI privacy and security.

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