Allscripts sued over ransomware attack

Think keeping your IT system in HIPAA Compliance is simply a luxury? Read on and you make think otherwise. EHR giant Allscripts is being sued by one of its clients in the wake of a major ransomware attack. The system outage resulted in a service shutdown yielding canceled appointments and comprehensive care disruptions.

Boynton, Beach, Florida-based Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics is suing Allscripts on behalf of its impacted clients, claiming the outage resulted in a significant and costly business interruption .Surfside was unable to access its patient records or electronically prescribe medications, and as a result of the outage, Surfside has “expended significant time and effort resolving these issues resulting from the breach.”

Surfside alleges that Allscripts was aware of “deficiencies in its products and services [that] could result in privacy and security vulnerability or compromises and failed to take adequate measures to protect against any such event.” Read more at HealthcareITNews.

This is why medical practices cannot afford to turn a blind eye to system vulnerabilities. One incident could shutter your practice for good. Just like you carry homeowners insurance and malpractice insurance, you need "insurance" against a major breach or attack. Contact HIPAAcraticRx for an assessment of your practice's vulnerabilities.

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